Ways to use "Drink your Milkshake"

0222081527.jpgI didn’t realize a phrase from “There Will Be Blood” had caught on so much, until someone here at BAL…the assistant news director, ok?…asked about the line, since he knows I’ve seen the movie.
Drew a complete blank…didn’t remember a think about drinkin’ no milkshake until he showed me the clip on youtube, as Daniel Day Lewis eats the scenery yet again in this movie. maybe that’s why I didn’t remember it….perhaps I was kinda numb by then.
If you would like to see the orgin of the phrase I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE. I DRINK IT UP!!, check it out.
And if you’d like a guide to the PROPER useage of the phrase, which is becoming quite popular obviously, New York Magazine can help you out. They think the line is “mind-bendingly cool”. Hmmmmmm.


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