Random things…

0216080937.jpg So this is February? 70 degrees outside, like winter in Phoenix. Yeah, I know, it’s cold again tomorrow, but for today, let me enjoy it.
The weather was perfect for walking this morning….foggy early on…but so pretty…like this log with fabulous moss growing on it. I love moss. 0218080859a.jpg And I listened to a great download of This American Life, last week’s program actually, called “Tough Room“, one segment in particular, really had me laughing out loud on my walk, (which must look really ridiculous, but there it is) about how the writers at The Onion have to pitch about 700 headlines a week before they get a laugh from the rest of the writers….tough room. But this one made it and it it made me laugh….”Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently“. Think about it…
OK, how about this one….”Expert on Anteaters Wasted Entire Life Studying Anteaters“. Come on, that is funny!! Ok, whatever, find your own funny jokes.
Went to C-Mart this weekend…haven’t been a a long time..too long, some might say. All the furniture was an extra 25 % off….and they had a huge leather chair and ottoman that were to die for. No, I didn’t get it…it was still pretty expensive. 0216081634.jpgBUT, I did get this odd antique grated window from India….you probably can’t see it from this picture, but the heavy iron grate is also painted (long ago) a lovely blue…it’s one of those odd architectural accents that Nate the decorator(you know, on Oprah?), would adore. I think.
And it now belongs to me….only 45 bucks…used to be $300! Glad I didn’t have to ship it….as it weighs easily 30 pounds. But I love it.


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