More insanity…

0215081139.jpg Another horrible school shooting hits the headlines and becomes the top story. “Talented student off his meds, goes crazy and kills five and then himself”….or something like that. It’s hard to know where to put something like that in your mind. The first question we all want to know of course is, why. This we will never know. Like any senseless act of violence, whether it’s a teenager killing their family…or a man throwing his child off a bridge….we will never make sense of that. There is no plausible explanation any of these people could offer you that would make sense. ” I did it because….”…there is nothing you could fill in here that would make you say, “Oh, yeah, I understand now why you did it.”
We cannot understand that which is goes against all reason.
That doesn’t mean society should stop trying to understand….on the contrary, the mental health needs in this country are great, and it is far too difficult to get services. That is something that should be addressed.
And probably all of us parents worry about all these things, far more than our kids do. I texted my daughter at college and asked if people there were scared after this latest shooting in Illinois, or is it just us parents. Her reply, “Just parents”.
For them, life goes on, while we worry at our leisure, at a distance. But if we want to make that worry count for something, think about how to make mental health care better in this country, and more accesible, and more affordable. That might make a difference.


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