Valentine’s Day can be treacherous….

How did I start my Super Special Valentine’s Day?? Cleaning out the kitty litter box. Yep. Me and Baby Girl, who always like to join in the fun by depositing something fresh for me. Thanks a bunch.
0214081230.jpgThe only sign of flowers here in the newsroom…a sad little poinsettia.

Valentine observations from people here at WBAL? From one guy…. “It’s a made-up holiday! Always trying to dig something out of our pockets…we just had Christmas!!”
Or…”My wife is sick at home with two sick kids!” Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.You are looking hot! Burning up!

Or this story….”I sent my wife flowers last Valentine’s Day and she told me that I just sent them to impress people at her office. That they were for them, not her. I just threw them in the trash.” And I think a huge fight followed.
My advice to this guy?(I am very free with advice here…ask anyone.)Send her flowers again this year at her office as a joke. Ask for the cheapest thing they have…a smiley face mug with a carnation…whatever. Great joke really. I hope he does it.

This one from a female (who you would know!)…”No we don’t celebrate it….I think it’s kind of BS. I get a little something for the kids, though one year my husband did spell out a message in the heart candies.” We all sighed at this…a sign of true love.
I saw on The Today Show that people who get the most valentines are as follows: 1. teachers 2. children 3. mothers.I did send my Mom a Valentine card which I hope she gets today. But I would be very surprised, shocked really, if I got one from my kids. What does this say? I thought about it….I think it means that my Mom did a better job raising me, than I did on my kids.


0213082054.jpg As an aside, I thought you might enjoy Baby Girl’s intense interest in the Maryland-Duke game last night. She was quite distraught at the final score.
P.S. Later in the day….

0214081425.jpg There are signs of romance in the newsroom after all!! Tim Tooten was totally surprised by his beautiful wife who sent him flowers. I heard him on the phone saying “But we said we weren’t gonna spend money on this…”. Yeah we’ve all heard that….but he was surprised and very, very pleased. Sing it with me now, “Love is in the air,…every time I look around….”


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