Stamp Irritation…..

0211082225a.jpg Yesterday we all got the news that as of May…yes, the stamp rate is going up again. “Didn’t they just go up to 41 cents?”, asked co-workers at WBAL. Well, yes, as a matter of fact…last May. And now, more stamps that will have to be increased by a lousy one cent stamp. Sooooooo annoying.
And I still have a bunch a holiday stamps left from December(obviously not sending out enough Christmas cards and unwisely did not choose the forever stamp which can still be used), so those will be useless unless I go back to the post office for more stamps!
0211082221.jpgAnd look what I got in the mail just a few days ago!! Obviously some within the U.S. Post Office don’t know what the U.S. Post Office is doing( nothing like being out of the loop). Order stamps by mail…except that if I had ordered them, I’d have even more soon to be useless 41 cent stamps.
Here’s an idea. Just hike the price to 50 cents already and leave us alone for a few years.


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