Dinner and a Movie

0209081911.jpgThis was actually my second trip to Iggie’s…..went there last week before going to Center Stage, and liked it so much went back this weekend. It’s on Calvert Street, just north of Center Stage.
Here’s what I like about it…..the pizza is made fresh to order, with a really thin crispy crust, like the ones I had in Rome and have pined for ever since. 0209081910.jpgGreat toppings, unusual toppings….their pizza of the month right now features roasted artichoke hearts,leeks and onion with thyme, lemon and garlic over ricotta and finished with Parmesan cheese. Their Quatro Formaggio(four cheese) with roasted garlic is fabulous, as is the one with duck confit,blue cheese roasted asparagus and red onion. AndI’m dying to try their mac & cheese with four cheeses and herbes de provence. Salads are fresh…try the spinach with goat cheese and warm pancetta dressing. Nuff said about food.
0209081913.jpgNext reason for liking Iggies’s….it’s byob! I love this…love it. Took a bottle from our new little wine club here at WBAL. It’s a very informal group….you pick out something you like and think others might too and your month, you buy wine for the group…they try it at their leisure. This first month was Gerry Sandusky’s pick…a Zenato Ripassa. Lovely, very fruity, not as austere as I was expecting. Liked it a bunch.
keep in mind at Iggie’s you also have to bus your own table after you’ve eaten…it’s totally self serve in that regard, but that doesn’t bother me a bit. I mean, you probably won’t take a client there for a meal to make an impression, but who cares?
Oh, and after the pizza, check out their sorbets and gelato…a blood orange sorbet was super….and try the pignoli cookies.
0211081213.jpgThe movie? 28 Weeks Later….on Netflix. If you saw 28 Days , you’ll catch the drift of this….the deadly virus has been eradicated in Britain, or so they think, and a repatriation of those who left begins…..and that’s when all hell breaks loose!! Scary, and occasionally annoying, but it kept my attention all the way.

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