0207081135.jpg Tell me you never procrastinate and I will call you a liar. We all have things in our personal lives, and work lives that we really don’t like doing….those things that really are just plain ole chores. Yet they have to be done by someone, and sometimes you are that someone. The box you see here contains tapes that have to be looked at and logged…by me.I know roughly what’s on the tapes because I was there when they were shot. But that isn’t good enough. They must be logged!
Logging is one of those things that brings out the devilish procrastinator in me. So I’m blogging right now, which means I can’t log. Blog, no log! What, you may reasonably ask, is logging?
0207081137.jpgYou’ll be happy(perhaps) to know it requires no physical strength, no lumberjacks, no saws. Simply the sheer will and fortitude to sit at a tape machine for a couple of hours, with pad and paper(others my use computers, I do it old school), look at the tapes of a story, and write down what is happening on the tape, where that is on the tape, and transcribe the things people say. You must record the exact start time of the soundbite you want and the exact end time….like 10:23:04. It probably doesn’t sound too difficult, and it isn’t, OK? But I just hate it. It’s just one of those little things that have to be done, and I have to have this story written by the end of today, so that it can be edited tomorrow.
Sigh. I have to go. I’ve put it off as long as I respectably can. Duty calls.

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