A Better Bag

0206080914.jpgNo not a better designer handbag…that is so….2006.I mean a better bag to tote your purchases in, especially your groceries. I have been using the bag I got at Whole Foods, and I have come to the conclusion…that it’s important to like the look of the bag you use. You’re more likely to remember to remember it and use it.
And I like this one. Pretty colors, nice design…..it feels good on my arm, know what I mean? A stylish bag that also makes a green statement. Yeah, take that.
But even though I am fond of this bag, I saw my son and his girlfriend Jennifer in New York this past weekend(for a high definition makeup class–more on that this week)…and they are in the market for reusable bags, but something from Whole Foods for a buck or so, isn’t quite….”New York” enough was the message I got. So I got online and ordered them two bags from Reuseable Bags…and they have tons of them.
0206080915.jpgI finally decided on two bags made from 100 % recycled rice bags, made by a disadvantaged Women’s Co-Op in Cambodia. Wow that sounds trendy. And they cost more than the Whole Foods bags….considerably more, but the style factor is way up there, no doubt about it. Also in the plus colum…not everyone will have one(oooh, where did you get that bag?), and you’re helping women in Cambodia. What’s not to like?
So for Pete’s sake, stop using those ridiculous plastic grocery bags…they’re on their way out anyway…welcome to 2008.

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