Superfatuber Tuesday!!

0205081236.jpg Well it’s finally here, and I can tellyou there is a real, genuine sense of excitement in the WBAL newsroom. People are seriously fascinated to see what happens at the polls today. And it’s also exciting, and a relief, to see that feeling is not restricted to newsrooms….it’s a sense of excitement all around the country. I’ve seen today called Uber Tuesday, Tsunami Tuesday, Super-duper Tuesday, and it is also Fat Tuesday lest we forget….so Super-tsunami-uberfat-Tuesday doesn’t seem so farfetched.
I got an email from my son in New York…his message… “I done voted”. His grammar is better than that I want you to know….his idea of being funny, I think. And I talked to my little 88 year old Momma in Alabama this morning…she had to cut our conversation short(a rare occurance), because she had to catch the shuttle to her polling place. She still hasn’t decided who she will vote for. And in ‘bama, it’s wide open, because you don’t have to declare a party affiliation, so you can vote in either party’s primary, but not both, of course. And I have a feeling there’s a lot of that today…the not knowing who you’re voting for yet. And that’s ok…
But no matter what your political feelings are, this strong interest in the election this year is a superfat-uber good thing for this country. And it’s thrilling to see younger voters, maybe first time voters, getting involved in things. Thank goodness. It’s their country too.
And then we get our chance next week. I really don’t care who you vote for, but I do care if you vote. See you there….


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