Baby Girl’s turns prognosticator!

0203081538.jpgShe was trying so hard to tell me something….something like, “Don’t listen to the naysayers…Eli will prevail, he will prevail I tell you!”
And you know what? Baby Girl was right on the money….gee, I wonder if she can pick horses, too.
Great game that…unless you like the Patriots of course. But for me, now Eli has a ring just like his brother’s, Tom Brady will have to get comfort from Giselle, the ads were great…especially the squirrel one…loved it…and an exciting ending. What’s not to like?
0202082052.jpgHad a lovely and memorable meal this weekend at Brasserie Tatinclose to Johns Hopkins U…you’re looking at my main course…a luscious braised lamb shank on pureed parsnips. Heaven!
And what I had forgotten was that it was still restarant week, and Brasserie Tatin has actually extended theirs another week(right now), because they had to turn away so many diners.
And it is a great deal….3 courses for 30 bucks, and if you like you can get wine pairings for each course for another $15.
0202082119.jpgThis was dessert….their namesake dessert, the famous tarte tatin…and it was unbelieveably good….satiny carmelized apples on pastry, served with pistachio ice cream. Yummo.


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