Put on your red dress, baby…..

0201081134.jpgOk, I am letting everyone down on that score. Yes I know today is Red Dress Day….I even got an invitation to attend the Red Dress Collection 2008 fashion show, as part of Fashion Week in New York….would LOVE to go, but today is the first day of ratings, soooooo, my presence is required here. Wouldn’t it fun though? You could feel for a little bit like you’re in a high fashion episode of Ugly Betty!0201081137.jpg
And here’s the thing… if I owned a red dress I’d wear it, but red is…not my thing, I guess. When I look in my closet it’s a sea of greys, blacks and browns with a spot of color here and there, so today, I donned a red camisole under the black(sorry) blouse.
0201081130.jpg I am, however, wearing my tiny Swaroski crystal Red Dress pin sent to me a few years ago. I drag it out every year this time. But while the fun things are the dress and the pin, and such…the really important thing about today, is to pay some attention to women’s health. When was the last time you….1. had a physical, 2. had a mammogram, 3. had a pap test, 4. worked out, 5. did something healthy for yourself.
I had a little wakeup call not too long ago. Nothing serious, but I called to have a prescription refilled with my gynocologist, and the office said, “we’ll send in a refill, but you really need to come it for a checkup.”
I replied, “It hasn’t been that long…..has it?”
The reply…”Two years”. Yikes!!

0201081133.jpgSo, I’ve had the appointment, all is well….so today, just for yourself, for me…call and schedule your doctor’s appointments….get a physical, you’re worth it. Take care of yourself. And then go buy some red shoes...check mine out!


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