Baby Girl, you’re on fire!!

0125080730.jpgIt all started last night with these little tea light candles. For those of you who don’t know, I am a confirmed candleholic…I just love them and will light at least a couple of tea lights every night, and more…oh, much more, on the weekend. The problem, these have been sitting on the coffee table in the family room. That means, it’s low enough for Baby Girl to be able to jump on, which she does regularly.
But last night, right in front of me(thank God), BG was right in front of the candles, waving her fluffy tail around…she is a long hair mix. And poof, in a flash, her tail was on fire IN TWO PLACES!!!For a millisecond, your eyes do not believe what they are seeing, as it is something you have never seen before…a cat on fire. I think I exclaimed something like, “Oh my God!” and put it out with my hands.
0125080731.jpgNo harm done to either of us, but the make that horrible…smell of singed hair filled the room, and it must be said, the end of her tail has lost it’s fluff. She seemed to totally unaware of what had happened, except that her owner had suddenly had an unexplained fit.
0125080731a.jpgBut here is a picture taken of her this morning….no worse the wear and chasing her tail as usual, but let me tell you I’ve learned a valuable lesson….no more candles where Baby Girl can get to them.
And I am now waiting for the anguished cry from my daughter, who was loathe to leave BG when she left for college a week ago……”Mom, you caught Baby’s tail on Fire?”. She doesn’t mind assigning blame in times of trouble. Well, we’ll see how long it takes her to read the blog….’cause otherwise, I’m not telling.


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