A Jungle Fantasy last night…..whew!

0123081647.jpgWent to see Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy at the Hippodrome this week….I gotta tell you, it’s really good. Hard to describe….if you’ve ever seen a Cirque DuSoleil production…that gives you an idea, though the two aren’t related. But suffice it to say it is a show of incredibly talented, artistic, athletic contortionist and acrobats perform feats that you will not be tempted to try to home.
And one of their performers I could not keep my eyes off when he was on stage…and I’m not alone. Someone else who shall remain unnamed who saw the show said he had the same mesmerizing effect on her. This guy(who at the time I called “hot-body violinist”) is not only an amazing musician playing the electric violin…something I’d never seen before…but Jared Burnett, whose myspace I’m providing here….is amazing looking. Seriously, this guy must spend hours in the gym every day….never seen anything like it. And of course the Cirque folks know this, and light him like an Adonis… to, it must be said, good effect. If you go, I’d love to hear what you thought of him. Gorgeous!
Ate dinner at Mem Sahib in the corner of Lexington Market, a half block from the Hipp. We were the only patrons in there…couldn’t believe it! The food was sooooo good, but I think they may need a sign that more clearly points out that they are there and they are open.
Took leftovers home and just found them today..two days later..in the back seat. It’s been cold, but it hasn’t been that cold during the day, so I sadly threw them out. So wasteful!


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