Brunch and a Movie…..

0120081247.jpgOK, it’s Monday…most of you are at home enjoying the MLK holiday and rightly so….me, I’m at work, but that’s fine because my daughter is home safely from her minimester trip to London, and I had a great weekend, enjoying her company.
Went to brunch at one of my favorites, though I had not been there in a while.
The Ambassador, right off University Blvd., is such a wonderful, romantic restaurant. Not for nothing is it usually one of the favorites for dinner in all the lists and such, but most people don’t know they serve Sunday brunch.
Don’t go expecting eggs or French toast or bacon…if you do you will be sadly disappointed….BUT if you love Indian cuisine like I do, you’ll be in heaven. A long table with hot dishes of Tikka Masala chicken, Lamb curry, vegetable cuddy, fabulous spinach, salads…all for you.
0120081301a.jpgOver on a side table, the makings for mimosas (and this time, a new addition)….A big bottle of Grey Goose on ice alongside the champagne, with bloody mary mix in a glass pitcher….you mix your own, as strong or virgin as you like, and you may have as many as you dare, all included in the price.
You can sit in their old world dining room which you see above, or you can also sit out on a glass enclosed patio area, which overlooks a beautiful garden. And the price is about 18 bucks a person for adults. A bargain!

0121081201.jpgThen, we saw 27 DRESSES starring the gorgeous Katherine Heigl. Funny, cute, romantic….we all gave it a solid B. Totally enjoyable. And who hasn’t had some bridesmaid dresses that you thought just for a moment, “If I cut that off maybe I could wear it again.” Yeah, sure.


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