Baby girl is a media freak!

Baby Girl, our new kitten, is not only growing like topsy, she is also spending way too much time at home watching tv…0117080804.jpgand clearly she was very interested in the forecast this morning. The idea of snow possibly headed our way got her all excited.
My daughter, who has been in London, lucky girl, for a “minimester” course in theatre, which meant she saw lots of shows in the West End, and wrote lots of papers(which she did not expect and thought was pretty churlish of her teacher to ask for), feels she has missed 3 weeks of Baby’s kittenhood. 0107080958.jpgShe has grown tons, made friends with Muffy, who still considers the sink a spa getaway, and has grown quite feisty.
But don’t think Baby is just a tv junkie…not at all…she is also a big fan of the newspaper…big fan.0117080828.jpg


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