Dinner and a movie….

1221071822.jpgOK, I have some suggestions for you…..I hadn’t been back to Dogwood in Hampden, since they reopened after a renovation…which is very pretty by the way. But I was there for dinner this weekend, and had one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long, long time. Now, I like this place on many levels. One, they use organic food as much as possible, and buy from local farmers and vendors…so responsible. The service is great. And the food is just soooooo good, which is what people really want to know about. Duck breast on white beans was to die for…..seriously. And I had a salad of frisee’, duck confit, and brussel sprouts that may sound odd, but was just unbelievably good.
They still have plans to open their wine bar, but right now, you need to take your own wine…no problem…The Wine Source in Hampden is just a half block away, with a great selection.
0111082004.jpgWe enjoyed an Australian red from Cat Amongst the Pigeons winery….an Alley Cat(love the name)Shiraz Grenache that was lovelyAnd for those of you who might not know, Paul Cudone, the long time wine guru at Eddie’s of Roland park, is now at The Wine Source.
And the restrooms at Dogwood are pretty(this is important to me, ok?)…

Saw THERE WILL BE BLOOD, with Daniel Day-Lewis. Hmmmmmm, how do I say this. He is a great actor, and he’s great in this role, and the movie is quite interesting and beautifully shot, but would I recommend it? With reservations. It is a dark, dark film. Really dark, and there is no redemption at the end. If you can deal with that, you might like it


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