Single Streamed Right Back to me….

This past Tuesday was my recycling day, AND the first day of “single stream” recycling. In the past… cans, bottles and plastics were put out every other Monday, and paper every other Tuesday. Now, it’s only every other Tuesday, and it all gets carted to the curb. And may I just say that because Christmas being on my recycling Tuesday a couple of weeks ago, and because I had ordered tons of gifts through the internet shipped to me, and because of all the other gifts sent our way, I had literally mountains of recycling. MOUNTAINS I tell you. The bins below were all full, and countless cardboard boxes to boot.
0110080732.jpgSo when January 8th came, it was almost like another Christmas morning….oh, the excitement of being able to get rid of all those boxes and newspapers and gift boxes and wine bottles( yeah, I know), and just all that stuff, was a fabulous experience.
And I wasn’t alone….my street looked like everyone had cleaned out their basements and left it all on the curb. It must have been a daunting task for the crews. Seriously, can you imagine coming down the street and seeing ALL THAT STUFF that you have to pick up? It must have been a long, long day for the workers…and I thank them, for all of us.
But here’s something curious. I put out a Styrofoam cooler in which a gift from my nephew Quint was shipped… of Omaha Steaks shipped in it(and delicious may I add, my first experience with them). It’s on top of all my bins in the picture above.0110080733.jpg As you can clearly see on the bottom, there is a 6 inside the recycling emblem. And Baltimore’s website clearly states they are taking plastics 1 through 7. What gives? Crew doesn’t know about this? Just didn’t want to take the cooler? I don’t know, but I’m putting it back out next recycling day, with a little sign attache(which can also be recycled, of course), that says THIS IS RECYCLABLE!!!!


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