Cuffed Assassins

OK, am I just unusually clumsy? Or am I wearing the wrong shoes? Or I just not meant for cuffed pants? They are trying to kill me, I swear.
0109080925.jpgI am referring to cuffed pants worn with heels…..I bought a couple of pairs of cuffed pants over the past season or two…one wide leg, the other more narrow…and BOTH of the them, when I wear them with heels(which they require), I will, if I am not very, very careful, catch a heel in the cuff as I’m walking along or ever worse, going down steps.
What happens when you catch a heel in a cuff? Let me tell you….a BIG stumble, almost in slow motion, and unless you have good balance like me…a fall. I was walking into the assistant news directors office a couple of days ago with a fresh cup of hot tea, and almost fell on my face, and DID spill of good bit of the tea on his floor. It was quite an extrance, I can tell you.
“Are you OK?” he asks, looking at me oddly, as if there may be something wrong with me to just stumble into his office. I told him about the cuff assassins, and as proof this time, and for the first time, the heel actually ripped the cuff as you see above.
Honestly I do not know what to do about this problem, except to be more careful when I wear these pants. It’s really rather frightening, like you’re wearing a health hazard. What else would you call it? And is anyone else having this issue? Danger, danger!!


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