Saturday, Je T’aime

0107081832.jpgOK, the reason I’m using a fancy French term, is that I watched Paris, Je T’aime this weekend on dvd…I really loved, and you might want to check it out. It a series of little 5 minute films by various filmmakers and directors and actors, all about Paris and their take on it. Some romantic, others funny, a few just decidedly odd(one by the Coen brothers for instance)…and some touching. At the end of the 5 minutes, whether you liked it or you didn’t, you’re on to a new one. Very enjoyable.
0107081816.jpgAlso went to see Atonement at Harbor East downtown…sad, romantic, tragic really. Having already read the book, I knew what I was in for. Possibly a tiny bit confusing for those who haven’t read the book, but still lovely and beautifully done. And Atonement is a complicated tale to put on the big screen…good job really.
If you’ve been to the Harbor East Theatres downtown, you know it fronts onto a roundabout at the harbor, so popped across the street and down a bit to Flemming’s for a glass of wine after the movie….a young man who I used to drive to school for years as part of a carpool was tending bar there…Hi Mark….then it was back down to the roundabout to Oceannaire for some stone crab claws, which they have in for a limited time. As one of the servers said, “Pricey, but really good.” Delish…and seriously, some of the best cream of crab soup I’ve ever tasted. Like silk.And here’s a funny thing if you visit the Oceannaire….while the Ladies Room was seriously lovely, (I’d show you a picture here, but BLOGGER.COM can’t seem to facilitate that, alas. Way to go Blogger.), in the Gent’s Room as they call it, there is cubed ice at the bottom of the urinals. I kid you not. Now, I didn’t witness the thing, but I believe the person who told me and said they’d keep a watch out if I wanted to nip in to see for myself. I politely declined the invite. Still….ice in the urinals. What the….?? Reminds me of a restaurant in London where in the Men’s Room (this I saw for myself-why always the guys room?), the men peed into a waterfall cascading down a glass wall. Again, do guys really need these enhancements? What gives?
THEN, over the the Sidebar Tavern to hear the son a good friend do his thing. Dom is a young man who has been pursuing his dream of being a musician, and while he’s still in college, the guy has a lot of talent. His solo group Dragonzord was playing that night, just Dominic and the drummer….this is a boomer thing, but I did wish for ear plugs, because you could have still heard them just fine with the plugs…..yowie.


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