I give up….

I have been avoiding blogging as a form of protest….because the website we publish on, Blogger.com, seemingly can’t fix a problem it has publishing pictures, and I like putting pictures on my blog. But I give up blogger.com, even though you are sadly lacking as a blogging website, you are seemingly MY site, and so until you get your act together and fix the problem, I’ll publish without pics. Sob.
OK, I’m having bunches of fun with my new little Nano Ipod…..I’d show you a picture of it but as you know……ANYWAY, I’ve been downloading podcasts (which are free and you know I love that)…my favorite is one from public radio. This American Life with Ira Glass(who is a Baltimore boy btw), is a program of fascinating storytelling. Stories that are hard to describe, but if you listen to it once, you will most likely be hooked. It was a program that I would by chance stumble across on weekend radio while in the car, and more than once, after arriving at my destination, would sit in the car until the story was finished.
I particularly loved(?) a podcast this week, that featured a story by David Sedaris called Adventures at Poo Corner. Sounds sweet enough, but it is about the fascinating phenomenon of people who poop in public places. I know.
Now, this guy claims that if you ask people who work in chain stores, they will tell you, this does indeed happen, though most of us would never believe it.
I do, because I’ve witnessed something like it. Here’s what happened. Probably 15, maybe even 20 years ago in a Hechts store, I was in a dressing room trying on clothing. A woman and her young son were in the dressing room next to me…the kind of dressing room where you can see next door from about the knee down.
I heard this little boy say,”Mommy what are you doing?”, to which she replied, “Shut up.”
What followed was the sound of liquid hitting the carpeted floor. Yeah. I glanced under partition, to see 2 feet straddled apart, and a stream falling between. I didn’t say anything because I honestly couldn’t wrap my mind around what she was seemingly doing. And she must have known I was in the next room.They left.
Horrified, I went to the sales clerk and said “You won’t believe this but I think someone just urinated in your dressing room.” She told me rather matter of factly, it wasn’t all that unusual. Think of it…seriously, what could possibly lead someone to do such a thing?
At any rate, I do remember it when I try on clothing in dressing rooms. And I keep my shoes on.


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