Highlights and lowlights of a Christmas holiday….

Wow, it’s almost 2008….and I have been a very bad blogger….very bad indeed (though not as bad as blogger.com itself because it is not publishing all the pictures I so painstakingly took…all I get is a little red x in a little box like you see below, but I digress.). Now I will endeavor to catch you up on what’s been happening….no worries…not everything , just the best and the worst. Let’s get going.


1. No traveling. We did not throw ourselves onto a godawful early flight to Alabama this year. No standing in long security lines, no delayed flights, no pretending you’re all ready to go when you really want a nap. We were at home, the best place for Christmas, all together. That has to be number one. (Though let me say, it’s double edged sword…you do miss seeing the folks.)
2. My son and his lovely girlfriend Jennifer preparing Christmas eve dinner….all by themselves.
Now, it must be said, this happened because of lowlight number 1 (see below). They prepared a shrimp and butternut squash risotto from this cookbook that Lisa Robinson gave me, after the author had been on the weekend news…Impress for Less by Hope Fox. TIt’s full of recipes from famous restaurants…this ne from Restaurant August in New Orleans. These great kids cooked and chopped and laughed, and prepared a fantastic feast. I wish I had a picture of the table my daughter set for us….so pretty, and I am utterly grateful to have found out my kids could do it all and make a perfect evening, when I was out of commission. Talk about loss of control.
0109080923.jpg3. I got the new nano!! My very own!
My daughter gave me her old ipod when she got a new one, and the old one promptly quit working. I love this little gadget….and I’m loading tons of music on it, and podcasts.

4. I love these little cashmere gloves I received from Jennifer…but it was funny…as I went to wear them one day, I discovered I had two left hand gloves, though it took me a few minutes to figure this out. A right handed one is on its way from Pittsburgh.
5. BSO Christmas Spectacular. If you have never been to this, make plans to go next year. It was simply fabulous….dancing Santas and all….funny, fun, entertaining, fast moving, it was the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit.
6. Charlie Wilson’s War. What a great film. Funny, informative, great performances by Hanks, Roberts and Hoffman. Just terrific.

7. Juno. What a delight! Hilarious and touching, utterly original, great characters. I would happily see it again.

8. Dinner at Jack’s Bistro in Canton. My son had been saying we should go there, and I finally made it. Terrific funky place, with one of the most unusual menus I’ve seen in a while. Next time I’m getting the chocolate mac and cheese. Really.(I felt like I’d made a discovery but when I told a friend about it, they were like “Ok yeah Jack’s Bistro, we’ve been there several times. Zing.)

1. Being flat on my back on Christmas eve….I was doing some unknown task and felt my back go into a spasm.Ouch. I mean really, really ouch. So I actually couldn’t do anything…at all. And for those of you who like to control how things go on a holiday, you know it feels to be totally out of control. I mean, no one will do it just like I do. But I found out that Christmas goes on just the same, and while things weren’t just like I would do them, they were just fine.

2.The Dewey Cox Story: Walk Hard. Can I just say this? This film is not funny. It is silly. A got a couple of chuckles, but I also fell asleep during it…and felt a nap was a better use of my time than watching the movie. That’s not good.
3. ..

Baby girl getting a bit of diahrrhea and stepping in it. Yeah. Ugh. That led to her first bath, which she did not like at all…but it must be said, BABY GIRL made my daughter’s holiday. They are in love!!


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