The little things that try one’s soul…

Four days ’til Christmas, and when I walk into my house, I want it be resplendent in its neatness, tree sparkling, presents wrapped and in place, surface that tend to be the catchall…with nothing on them except what’s supposed to be there.
But my dining room table has mail, a book a neighbor wants, wrapping paper, and just…stuff!

At one end of the sofa is a list my daughter has made, counting everyone’s gifts…I know, I know…and a cute little ornament that every year has to have its skis glued back on. And so far, no one has stepped up to the plate. He’s still there waiting, right now.(oh-oh, I just remembered I left that glue gun on…better call the daughter with an s.o.s.)
There’s a trash bag that says trees…what’s in it? And why is a string of lights sitting around. What are they waiting for?

And here is an unfinished present/project still in progress. I’ve had a little piece of the Berlin Wall that was brought back for my son in 1989, when the wall fell. It’s been sitting in a little box since then. So I found a Shadow Box at Pottery Barn, and have ordered a little commemorative nameplate saying “Berlin, 1989, “Ich bin ein Berliner“, the famous JFK quote, and will, ONCE I have all the pieces, will assemble them into hopefully, an awesome gift. I hope.
And I’ve pulled some terrible muscle in my back…the worst time in the world for this to happen, just when I need to be a whirling dervish, I’m somewhat sidelined to asking others to do things, get things for me.
But the tree is finished…my sweet daughter did it for me, and bought groceries, and ironed napkins, and there will be more she’ll be asked to do…thanks sweetie.
But Christmas comes just the same….some things will remain undone, and the world won’t come to an end. Have a good weekend everyone, and try to find some of the joy of the season…that’s what I’m doing!


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