It’s Christmas, hon….

OK this time of year….lots of us start to feel a little out of sync with the holiday at hand. You’ve been planning, working, ordering, wrapping, cooking, buying….AND still carrying on the rest of your life and well, you’re just a little pooped out a week before the real thing. Here’s a fix.
Go to Hampden hon. Seriously. For those of you who know Hampden, you don’t have to read any further (unless you want to), but I know there are lots of you who have never been there. What a pity, especially at Christmas.

Start out on 34th Street. This street has been doing it up for years, and it is a big tourist attraction, but if you’ve never seen it, by all means check it out. You won’t believe your eyes.

Lots of restaurants…Suzie’s Soba, Dogwood Deli(which is not a deli btw, but a fine restaurant), Golden West Cafe, and of course, the classic Cafe Hon This picture shows how the Hon does Christmas.

You can wander down the Avenue…check out all the cute shops….don’t miss Watermelon Sugar at the end of the Avenue on Chestnut…so cute. Antiques, trendy boutiques, and because it’s Hampden, always the off beat and unusual….

I’m not sure what the sign means, but you can find out for me….OK?


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