A New Fuzzy Family Member

It was only a matter of time, after we lost Wild Kitty….and she has arrived and is scampering around my feet even as I write.

Her name is Baby Girl….after trying several monikers that just didn’t seem to fit. And I think we’ve lucked out…not only is Baby just as cute as pie, she is also just as sweet. She is a cuddler….absolutely adores a Barefoot Dreams throw I have …must remind her of her Mama.
She has a huge purr for such a little body, and already love chasing a paper ball around the kitchen floor.

My daughter came home from college Saturday, and called me to have me meet her at Petsmart in Catonsville….word of the street had it they had some kittens in from Last Chance Rescue…they’re a group that cares for abandoned pets in Maryland, northern Virginia and D.C., and they will bring cats to various Petsmarts around the state for adoption. All the animals are spayed or neutered, and have been tested for AIDS and Feline Leukemia, and have all their shots. The adoption fee(which covers those costs) is $135.00.
Baby will need to go to our vet today though, just to be checked out again.

The only family member not happy about Baby Girl’s arrival is Muffy…she had quite taken to being an only child. And while I’m sure she will adjust and perhaps one day, even enjoy baby’s company, right now she is thoroughly disgusted by the whole thing. Her face says it all. She just hangs out upstairs where Baby is not yet allowed. She just getting used to her space.
But we’re all happy for Baby Girl joining the fam….even when she starts climbing the Christmas tree. Welcome to our world, Baby Girl!


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