Some gifts I’m giving this year!

I’m always on the prowl for something new, something different, something a little unique for gifts….these are a few of the things I’ve giving to different folks this year…..

I don’t know if you caught The Bronx is Burning this summer on ESPN….I stumbled into it mid season and thought it was one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time, about the New York Yankees unforgettable summer of 1977. The DVD box set (5 discs) is out this December. It not only has all the shows but has highlights from that world series, including the entire game 6, plus interviews with the real Reggie Jackson, George Steinbrenner, Lou Pinella and more. John Turturo as Billy Martin is inspired, as is Oliver Platt as Georgie boy. It’s just terrific. My Father-in-law, who didn’t see it, is getting this.

For my son’s girlfriend Jennifer, OLAVIE Chardonnay Wine Therapy . Not that she needs it, but it supposed to full of skin-saving antioxidants from wine and olive oil, and they have a whole line of stuff (that is used by several stars if you like to give it some extra panache).

Have you ever seen the TeaForte line? Beautiful tea bags…silk tea pyramids really…and come in some luscious flavors and are just so pretty. But I really fell in love with this little teardrop shaped sugar and creamer….so cute, and $12.95. I found this(and the tea bags) at Gundy’s Gift Shop around the corner from Eddie’s in Roland Park. Oh, and they wrap for free…love it!! Several friends are getting this….

Maybe you already have digital picture frames loaded with tons of pictures, but I don’t (actually still don’t as the two I have I’m giving as gifts)…. one to my Mom who will love it, and one to my Father-in-law, who will at least think it is interesting…I hope.

Found some really unique business card cases on a website called CuffArt…I’m giving one to my son who doesn’t have one, and a pair of cuff links I found there made from seats from Memorial Stadium!

And here’s a look at my “Ribbon Box“…I really don’t have to buy ribbon every year, because when gifts are unwrapped at my house, I coil it up neatly and reuse it the next year. My kids know to just hand it over. Saves a ton of money and less trash. So green, so green. I even try to reuse paper, though even I admit, that’s tough. Oh, and it has to be real ribbon, not the paper stuff. That is just not reusable.


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