Decorating for the Holidays….

Decorating for the holidays can be lots of fun…or a drag, depending on how much pressure you put on yourself. I thought I’d give you a little mini tour of some things I’ve done at my home this year, and with little trouble, and no great expense.

This is something I did last year that I’m doing again…a big white bowl filled with inexpensive ornaments…matte silver, bright silver, a few clear balls, frosted pine cones…the bright orange thing in the middle is a ball light that is rechargeable, a gift from a few years ago, that honestly until now, wasn’t sure what to do with!

This is an arrangement I have in the kitchen…just a vase filled with different fresh greens, some red berry boughs that are faux(sorry), and I may add a few flowers as I go along…the greens will last and I love having something pretty in the kitchen.

This Chinese bowl which I have had for years, I planted this year. Found some white Amaryllis already sprouted at Superfresh for $9.99, and planted then and topped with some moss I found, scavenged from the ground pine cones(little ones) and even a piece of lichen I found. Think it will be really nice when they open.

I have several of these sprays, pine flocked with snow and pine cones…not real of course, but they look good, and I have used them all over the place. This year they are topping pictures in the hall. Just gives a simple little winter holiday feeling to a place that usually doesn’t get any.

These white branches are perfect for winter I think…from a Japanese tree called Mitsumato, bleached white, not painted….. I ordered them from Nettleton Hollow, which I’ve mentioned before.

What you see in the bottom of the vase are little fake pears that I got from Target last year. I’d use real ones but when they go bad….ummmm….not good.


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