An unusual gift place….

This is my haul from Great Stuff by Paul this past weekend….what you see there are several red antique Chinese “document boxes”…great for storing all your remotes, in style I might add….$29 each-great gifts. And the long paint-brushy looking thingie is an antique caligraphy brush, with a jade handle!! Beautiful…$38.00.
OK, Great Stuff by Paul is not new to me…I stumbled across it several years ago in Frederick….but it’s worth pointing out for those of you who do not know about it.
If you’re looking for that certain something…something unique…as a gift or for your home…here’s your place.

How about a champagne rack from France circa 1930….holds over 100 bottles of…whatever you like!

Or for 10 bucks, an old primitive well bucket from India….would make an interesting flower arrangement…

This is what it looks like in the warehouse from above in the balcony…stuffed with Chinese noodle boxes, carved fish, beautiful red trays, baskets, chests crates….old Chinese school desks, wooden coal arts on wheels….seriously, stuff you cannot imagine until you see it. It’s like going through your grandma’s attic, if it had 52-thousand square feet of stuff. Things from all over the world…not repro either.

How beatiful would a Tibetan bowl be to hold keys or arrange several on the wall??

Say it with me now…..Ahhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


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