A perfect holi-day!!

This has been one of my traditions since the early 90s…..taking a day, whether in the middle of the week, or the weekend, in Frederick Maryland. For me, it began when one holiday season I felt just….low…you know? Certainly not festive.
I love Frederick because it’s a real town…not a mall. You must venture forth into the weather, whenever you leave one of the charming shops or restaurants. And there are plenty of those….and Frederick knows how to do it up at Christmas.
You can do this day depending on your wallet…low budget or higher…and I’ve done it both ways over the years. They’re both fun.
Let’s say, you’re a little flush….then have lunch at The Tasting Room…or “the Le Cirque of Frederick”, as one townsperson described it. And it is wonderful. Not cheap, but wonderful…..

If you miss the lobster chowder, don’t say I didn’t tell you about it.

And the crantinis…tasty, very tasty. (Hey this is a holiday lunch..)

On the other end of the dining spectrum, but equally good in a more casual way, is That Cuban Place, just down the street and only open a year. So cute, so friendly, and the Cuban Sandwich(pork marinated 24 hours in mojo, cheese, ham and pickles on homemade bread), 7 bucks…and the cafe Cubano was fabulous…and they gave me a piece of the Tres Leche cake. Yummo.
If you like to shop….trust me there is plenty…one of my favorite stores(if you want to spend some money) is The Velvet Lounge…trendy clothes, and on occasions, they have big sales that start at 8 PM….I’d tell you when the next one is but then I’d have to kill you.
Loads of antique and home decor shops, and museums….

like The National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Who knew there was such a place?
Frederick has it all, and tomorrow I am gonna tell you about a place where you can find a unique gift for someone who has just about everything.


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