Cool (and affordable) website gift suggestions!

OK, who doesn’t love a real summer tomato in the middle of winter…if you could get one, that is. And now you can. My Momma likes to send me clippings from the Birmingham News, and while I get an awful lot of comics she thinks are funny(and they are Momma, they are), this one I really like…just as she thought. Blackjack Gardens in Birmingham is offering Their greenhouse tomatoes for sale and shipping this year. They are greenhouse grown, not hydroponically, but in an “organically rich medium of topsoil, leaf mold, compost and sand”. And without pesticides, natch. $45 for 5 lbs, plus 9 bucks shipping. Not a cheap gift certainly, but if you know a foodie, maybe a memorable one.

Ok, and I feel like I’m cheating on this one…the Today Show had the lego IPOD dock/speaker yesterday, but I did a little further legwork for you on this website….called The Sarut Group…and they have some really wonderful smaller gifts, or maybe stocking stuffers..though I’m not sure they’re cheap enough for that, but that depends on the wallet of the giver. You know.

Check out this cute little doggie leash…one of many patterns, and they a couple of eat dog collars for the dog lover…or a doggie cake server.

And I ordered one of these hairbrushes for my niece for Christmas. I love it!!


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