Early Morning Christmas Shopping

This is how I spent my early morning hours today. When the calendar turns to December, a little feeling of panic starts to gnaw at me…things undone…presents not bought or sent…decorations not hung…food not cooked. Now, I can’t do all of that at once, but I can do some early morning online shopping. Get a cup of coffee(in a Christmas cup to hopefully inspire me), I get moving. Check my list…for whom have I bought and who has nothing…plenty of those , alas. And what really attracts me on a website? Just this….
Free Shipping! Oh, and free gift wrap.

Love both. Love them. I really hate shipping presents to Alabama from places that don’t wrap, and say to my poor sister, “Ummmm, they didn’t wrap…would you mind?” Wow, she must hate that, so I try to avoid the situation.
Or you could have something like this….

No, no, no, you can’t have Brad Pitt…at least I don’t think so, but you can contribute to his charity….helping to build green, environmentally friendly homes in New Orleans’ lower ninth ward, for people who still don’t have one after Hurricane Katrina. It’s called the Make It Right Project. You can donate any amount of cash, or sponsor an entire house for $150,000, a rooftop solar panel for $25,000, or landscaping for $2500. And while that’s more than most people can do, they’ll also take five bucks. It all adds up….

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