A Green Christmas….

OK, a greener Christmas, anyway. I heard how NBC is lighting their gi-normous tree in Rockefeller Plaza with LED lights, and thought…hey I could do that!
LEDS are safer..because they don’t get hot…and use 80-90 % less electricity, and last 10-20 years. That’s years, people. They can be used outside or inside, and…they’re just good, ok?
And I checked around for price online…They are about 20 bucks most places, but one place wanted to charge me 10 dollars shipping..nope, click. And then I found HolidayLEDS.com. Shipping…$1.99. Now you’re talking.

I just got them in…bought the little white ones…and I’ll post a picture when I get them up. They come in all sizes and colors….and I feel pretty good about the whole thing.
Oh, and if you’ve just plugged in a set of holiday lights and realize they no longer work, don’t throw them in the garbage; this Michigan company is offering to recycle them for you free of charge.
HolidayLEDs.com will accept your old incandescent Christmas lights from now until December 20th, which will then be recycled in a special program.They estimate that 15 million sets of Christmas lights were purchased in America just last year. They are often treated as disposable which results in excess waste. Seriously, how many sets have I just tossed away over the years?
And yes, to save eletricity costs, I’ll be turning the lights off sharp at 11:30…just like NBC.

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