Windowboxes, etc.

Some readers have taken pity on my windowbox plight… doubt thinking it sad, that mine look so denuded. And you know they look terrible…no telling what my neighbors are saying, but that’s another story.

Donna here is a good link for window box decorating, kind of like what you said you did before, but they do look good.
I bring my window boxes inside for the winter so I don’t have any great advice on living plants except for something like periwinkle that would do well but you would have it year round. I have a phone question for you. I see that we have the same phone and I too am not electro-savy enough to transfer pictures to my pc, or my Mac. I tried the email thing and I can’t even get a server! What did you do? Thanks Paul

Well, Paul, I’m sorry to say you did not send the link, so I can’t look at the pictures you’re talking about, but maybe it looked something like this? (And I’ll tell you the secret of my “electro-savy” soon…very soon grasshopper. But not now.)

This came from Cottage Living’s website…and it does look very cozy, and relatively doable. They even list what you need, such as:

What You’ll Need:
Spruce boughs sprayed with antidesiccant (to seal in moisture)
Pine cones
Dampened reindeer moss
Winterberry or other berried clusters

Only one question..what the heck is antidesiccant and where do you get it?? Hmmm?
Another reader….

Hi Donna, Love your Blog. Some suggestions for your pots. I have some big pots on our porch. I put artificial pine, some pointsetta, and artificial Holly. Thats the material I use. You could use pine cones and the pine spriggs, or all holly or mix them. Also the little artificial pine tree would also work for a window box. Good Luck. People put swags on their windows and they hold up in the weather, and they will work in your pots and window boxes. Good luck. Keep up the great Blogs.Have a great Holiday. Loretta

And artificial would presumably eliminate the need for the mysterious antidesiccant, since there is no moisture to be sealed in. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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