Dinner and a Movie….

Really, is there anything better than dinner and a movie on Thanksgiving weekend? I didn’t think so. Checked out the new Harbor East Movie Complex this weekend…right down to the end of the JFX and just down on President Street….saw American Gangster….I almost always love anything Denzell Washington is in, and this film is no exception. Loved it.
And the theater is very nice indeed. Well designed, comfy leather seats, gourmet snacks, and a bar! This is as far as I know the only theatre that has one, although you should know that at the Charles, Tapas Teatro right next door, will pour a lovely sangria into a plastic cup, and it’s fine to take into the movie.

Dropped in afterwards at Alexander’s Tavern, right on Broadway in Fells Point….it’s the new place opened by Charlie Gjerde…of the famous Spike and Charlie brothers…great little tavern that looks quite upscale in the dining room but the menu obviously is meant to attract a wide variety of pockets…both deep and shallow. There are baby hamburgers, sliders to the hip…for 8 bucks or so, and then some entrees around 20 bucks. It’s a comfy place, that looks like it is already a hit.

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