Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’ll bet you didn’t know I was a cover girl long, long ago. Clearly from the picture, I mean a long time ago. This was the cover of the Acipco News November of 1960…..Acipco stands for American Cast Iron Pipe Company and it was the company that kept my Father gainfully employed for over fifty years. Can you imagine?
Somehow, his three daughters (I’m the one on the left) made the cover. My Mom was able to set the table using the good crystal and china, and arranged a pumpkin and fruit…. but I’m sure she drew the line at the labor baking a turkey ahead, just for a picture. I have no memory of this picture being made, but I do remember my dress was dark blue taffeta…so sassy. And my Momma could pull back a tight ponytail with the best of them. Ouch.

And just in case you haven’t seen this turkey with a tan that’s is being sent around on the Internet, let it be my little Thanksgiving gift to you…it’s my phone screensaver for this weekend. Hilarious.
I’m actually working today, but that’s OK…we’ll have our dinner tonight, with all that nice food…I’m cooking potatoes for the mash right now…but the turkey is all on the rest of the family. Keep your fingers crossed for us….
And to all of you, a happy Thanksgiving…I know holidays can be funky…disappointing, frustrating, even sad. But no matter how you celebrate today…at work, with a huge noisy group, s small one, or all alone, be good to you!

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