Take two steps forward, one step back…

I got a new phone!! Now, let me be clear…I was quite fond of my little red razor, but for reasons more complicated than I should waste your time with, I wanted to share a plan with my daughter who is with another provider. Verizon, OK?
Sooooooooo, I thought…I need a good camera, and I was having real problem with the camera in the razor…my new phone has a 2 mega pixel, instead of a 1.3. And while I don’t know what that means, I know it’s good.

But the issue I thought I got away from, difficulty posting pictures on this blog, still exists. I thought the LG 8700 had the slot for the microSD chip was OUTSIDE the camera…that’s what I was told. So I wouldn’t have to turn off the phone, take off the back cover, and remove the battery to get to the chip. Nice.
Unfortunately that’s exactly what I still have to do. Had to do it this morning to post these pictures.
Our web trends guru shook his head sadly when he realized all the machinations I go thru to post pictures, and clearly admired my determination. He says I should be able to just email my pictures to blogger…. wouldn’t that be nice. But so far, nothing. Something seems to be amiss within the Verizon system….(he can’t do it either). But if I could just get to my chip easier…..yeah, and if could just have lunch in Paris…..

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