A $97 turkey !

No,really….I mean it’s an actual turkey that costs 97 bucks! Among the mounds of lesser fresh and frozen turkeys that cost considerably less, today I spotted this beast…took a picture of it, because I didn’t think you’d believe me otherwise.
OK, it is organic…..and it is by gourmet meat producer D’Artagnan….they do stuff like magret duck(breast), wild boar bacon, duck confit…you know, really fancy meat stuff. The company is presumably named after the Comte de D’Artagnan, one of the Three Musketeers, since their little goose logo wears a Three Musketeer type hat. Very swashbuckling, as is the price of their goods.
Several other women were marveling with me at this 20 pound, $97 turkey today, and I wonder will it be there tomorrow. I asked an employee at Superfresh what will happen to it…would it find a home? She assured me that a couple of turkeys that weren’t that big but by the same producer had been sold….just $50 turkeys. A bargain really. If it isn’t sold in a day or so, it will probably be marked down. If you buy it, please let me know how it turns out. I’ve never eaten turkey that has been fed only whole organic grains and pure spring water…no antibiotics, no growth hormones or protein supplements, no artificial light(?) at any time…I shudder to think what my turkey has been eating. Not really. I was so inspired by the purity of the D’Atagnan turkey that I splurged on a Murray’s all natural turkey….at least it had no antibiotics and no animal products in it’s feed, so while it was more expensive than some of the turkeys, I could still pay the bill at checkout, without staring anxiously at the computer to see if it had approved my charge….you know what I mean.


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