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getting ready for Thanksgiving…
November 16, 2007

To do list today:
order caramel/apple and pumpkin pies from Stone Mill Bakery
-order Parkerhouse rolls from Louise’s Bakery
-reserve turkey (but where?)
-order side dishes from Eddie’s

You may think there’s an awful lot of ordering going on, and you may have a point. But at least I didn’t order a cooked turkey, which I could have, you know. That’s where I draw the carryout/home cooked line….at the turkey and dressing. That I will make.
But here’s the thing…I’ve promised my daughter a Thanksgiving at home this year, something we haven’t done in years, and as an added complication I’m working that day. Soooooooo…a resourceful Southern girl like myself gets some help, and fast.
Now sure, I could leave the dinner for the folks at home to cook while I labor, but I’ve tried that dog before, and it don’t hunt. Never again.
So I turn to my good friends….Louise’s, a great little bakery in Woodlawn who really does the best rolls…I love them, and $5 for 2 dozen? Get out of here! And for those of you who might be interested, they also do Petit Fours, which can be hard to find. (SIDE STORY) I called Ms. Desserts one time to ask if they would do some for me, and the man said, “Sure we can do an iced sheet cake and cut it into little squares.”
Ever the soul of reason, I pointed out, “But petit fours have icing on all sides.”
He said, “Well, yours won’t.” Hilarious.
And Eddie’s, of course,(like homemade side dishes but you don’t mash the potatoes), and Stone Mill….you can buy good pies at a lot of places, but theirs are excellent, and the apple/caramel walnut….well, wow.
Oh I have more tales of Thanksgivings past…you’ll see, but right now, I have to call Louise’s before you do.