I think I have a little crush…..

On my way home from work every night, I’m listening to 88.1, WYPR FM(I have no idea why my radio says Georgia)…..great station, and I love Marc Steiner, a man crush-worthy, without a doubt…but no, he’s not the one.
From 6:30 to 7 PM, ever listen to Marketplace? The writing is breezy and smart…clever really. And they make money stuff interesting and understandable…no mean feat. But I digress…just setting the stage.

My crush? Kai Ryssdal…he’s the host of Marketplace.
I don’t know what it is about him…not the way he looks really…(actually I had no idea what he looked like until I went to their website). His voice, the amusing way he reads the copy ( which he has no doubt written or edited to fit his own style)….he’s just really, really good at what he does. And when he say, “Let’s do the numbers”, as he does every night….it’s just plain old sexy. Hey, don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself…
And as an added enticement (like you needed one), all this week they’re doing a special series called “Consumed”, asking the question, is a consumer economy sustainable, and can we continue to spend our way to wealth, thrift being an old American virtue. You know, kind of like I was talking about the other day..waste not want not….is no more. Throw it away, buy another one is the new economy. But can it continue? Interesting question.

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