Doing things a different way….

Really, that’s the way you need to think about it…you’re not losing something, not really, it’s just…. different. Such as this electric heater. I have oil-hot water baseboard heat in my house(so very Maryland, I was horrified when I first moved here from ‘bama, where such a thing does not exist-I said,”what is THAT?” when I first saw the oil tank in the basement.), and if you haven’t noticed, oil is tres dear this year. Just got in a fill up, which I asked for, before the price went up any more. $3.09 a gallon. Terrible.
Sooooooooo, back to the space heater…rather than fully fire up that ravenous oil-slurping beast in the basement, this heater helps keep the room, where we spend most of the time, warm. OK, warmer.

Upstairs also has a heat pump( I know, not so great when it’s really cold), but helpful when it’s kinda cold. And I keep the thermostat down….way down when no one is home, and 64-65 degrees if we are.
And what you may ask, is the blue cup about?
At work, every night for as long as I can remember Denny, our lovely floor director puts out a plastic cup of water for us on the set. A little clear plastic cup which got thrown away every night. What a waste. So when he ran out of the clear cups, and only had these “party cups” left, I told him I would just use the same cup every night. Now I have my name on it, and other anchors do the same. Think of all the plastic cups that aren’t getting thrown in the trash. A little thing, but it adds up.
Sure, my house may be a little cooler than yours, but maybe my BGE bill is lower too. ( and that oil bill, ugh). When my daughter comes home she will complain of course, as she always does. “Why is this house so cold?” (In the summer it’s “Why is this house so hot?”)
“Well, perhaps” I reply, “if you didn’t run around in gym shorts and a t-shirt in the winter, you’d feel better. Try a sweater, sweetie.”
Waste not, want not….that’s what my Mother used to say, in times when being economical about things were just good sense. Somehow we have to try to get back to thinking that way, and away from the thought that we can have whatever we want, when we want it, and as much as we want. Put on a sweater, sweetie.


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