What’s with the trees ??

When I first moved to Maryland, over 20 years ago, I came to look for a place to live mid October…the trees were all resplendent with color, and the apartment overlooked Northern Parkway below, so the view of the trees was gorgeous. Fast forward to the first few days in November to move-in…beautiful tree leaves gone!
Now just a lot of tree trunks and cars down below.
So, what’s going on with the trees now…global warming? Seriously, this is late for so many trees to be fully leafed and some even still green. Isn’t it? It’s just…odd.
This is a maple that I see out the back windows…it’s grown a lot in 20 years…and is lovely in the fall. But as you can see, it still has it’s leaves. I took this picture a little over a week ago, and while the tree does have color now, it STILL has its leaves. It’s mid November! What gives?


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