Consider the razor….

What’s with the razor wars? Remember when the Gillette Mach 3 was the best razor you could own? Then there was the Quatro. And they’re back with five blade Fusion(I think that’s what it’s called). I still use my old Venus(two blades, three?) and it’s just fine, thanks.
NPR actually did on air test to see if five blades really are better than four. Whatever.
I know what they’re really doing….getting you to buy even more expensive razor blades.
Hey, the actual razor they almost give away…indeed I think the razor I use was a giveaway. But the blades? They cost a fortune!! So here’s the question…how do you make the blades last longer? And I may have the answer for you.
I make no pretense at coming up with this, but I do read, and here’s what I found(buried in my opinion in the business section of The Sun).
Dry off your blade after you’re through with it. Seriously, that’s it. One person who tested this said you could make it last a year. That may be stretching it, but another writer said his did last 6 months!
Evidently, oxidation takes place on the blade when it’s wet, rendering it dull more quickly. So just blot it on a towel after you’re through and bingo, a longer lasting blade!
Oh, and another tip, only shave (legs or face) after the hair is softened and lubricated. Less friction for the blade. Don’t thank me…

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