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A remembrance for Wild Kitty…..
November 9, 2007

I have written from time to time about the exploits of Wild Kitty, or WK for short…really he has been such a force in our lives that how could you not write about him? But he didn’t come home Tuesday night, or the next night. We scoured the neighborhood looking for him, thinking he might be injured or worse, he did get into the occasional fight it must be said, but found nothing. I called neighbors who I knew he liked to visit while they gardened to let them know he was missing.
Last night I got one message from a neighbor who had seen him Sunday and Monday, but not after. And then another message. A neighbor a few houses up the street called, and said, “Donna, I think I know what happened to Wild Kitty, but I didn’t know he was yours or I would have called sooner.”
Mid call, I clapped my hand over my eyes and wanted to throw the phone across the room…I really didn’t want to hear the end of the message. I knew what she was going to say.┬áNot a cat fight, but a long dreaded and much feared beast that weighed several thousand pounds with cold glass eyes, and creeps around on rubber feet. How on earth will I tell my daughter. As much as I loved him, she loved him just as much, maybe more? And she will be heart broken, as we are.

And we have had disagreements, she and I, about allowing WK outside. I knew going outside was risky, but he loved it so, and was really quite miserable unless he was allowed outside for some portion of the day. WK spent a big chunk of his life outdoors on his own…but she was right. She was right. I’m sorry baby girl.
I’ve had many cats in my life….a couple I tolerated because they were mine, many I was extremely fond of, and a few I really loved. But I can safely say, Wild Kitty was the best cat we ever had, and I doubt his like will come along any time soon.
As one repairman said about him, after WK befriended him, “Hes more like a dog than a cat.” I figured that meant he didn’t really like cats all that much but he liked this one. When strangers came into the house, most cats will hide, but not WK…he was determined that they would be a friend by the time they left. Whether they wanted to or not. He was just one of those rare creatures that kind of bridges the difference between the human world, and the animal world. With love and a huge booming purr.
Things I will miss most? The way he would stand up and put his paws on my shoulders, when he jumped on the bathroom counter as I attempted to do hair or makeup…like he was saying,”Hey, there’s time for a little pet, isn’t there?”
The was he would sleep like a long stretched out log of furry cat on the bed by me. The way he would sleep on the sofa, offering up a fluffy belly….so trusting.
And even his bad behavior, which consisted of crankily attacking his smaller sister Muffy like clockwork twice a day, while waiting for his food to hit the plate in the kitchen.
I think Muffy knew how I was feeling last night…she curled up on my chest when I went to bed and offered a purr…unusual for her. She’s funny like that.

The biggest comfort that exists right now…knowing Wild Kitty was well fed and well loved and lacked for nothing while he lived with us these past few years, after coming in from the wild. And he won’t be forgotten. No he won’t.