A beautiful fair lady….

Abso-bloomin-loverly…that’s all I have to say about the 50th Anniversary My Fair Lady now playing at the Hippodrome downtown. OK, that’s not really all I have to say…you know me better than that.
When I went into the theatre…What I did know: one of the best musicals of all time, great music….all givens. As I watched it…blown away, really, by the thing….I remembered what someone told me as I entered….they said, “It does not disappoint.” Now, there’s an understatement.
All I knew is that it was one of….no, I think THE best production I’ve ever seen on stage, and I’ve seen a few. What I found out later is that the stars are straight from the London West End My Fair Lady, and the same creative group is on board for this international tour. Unbelievable voices, the choreography is dynamite…no wonder it has won so many awards. And the sets are just breathtaking. You really don’t want to miss the opportunity to see this production while it’s in town(through Nopv. 18th…last show, that Sunday night at 6:30. An early supper in the city, a great show, what a way to end the weekend!).
And while Mem Sahib isn’t open on Sundays, it’s a great place to keep in mind for dinner when you’re at the Hipp….just up the block from the theatre, in the corner of the Lexington Market*(everything else is closed but Mem Sahib is right by the Lex Market open air parking lot on Eutaw). Very good Indian Food….and pleasant service. You might not notice it, unless you look, but give it a try. Maggie Moore’s Pub just across the street from the Hipp is also quite good, but just give Mem Sahib a try…. I think you’ll like it.


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