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Go See Hearts!!
November 1, 2007

OK, I wimped out on trick-or-treaters last night….and went downtown to instead to Center Stage , where Hearts, a play by Willy Holtzman started last night.
Holtzman says Hearts isn’t a memoir or a documentary, but much of it is personal, based on the liife of his Father, Donald Holtzman, and his experiences in WWII.

This amazing production is a look inside the life of a man who like many, saw and did things in war, things they’d rather forget, that they continue to drag with them through life, touching and affecting everything they do.
Only four actors play all the parts, which is quite a feat…..but totally convincing. Holtzman says he first thought of Hearts as a one man play, but it nearly killed the actor who did the first reading. That I can believe.
Funny, frightening, tenderness between four friends, love between a man and his longtime wife…and very, very touching….
And this I love….Hearts a 90 minute production, no intermission. As I’ve stated here before, I think intermissions are a relic from the past, that the public(at least THIS public) no longer wants. Get in, see a great show, out by 10 PM. Boom. I don’t want a snack, thanks.
But you really should see this play.It’s at Center Stage through December 2nd.