An unthinkable tragedy….

What a horrifying tragedy at that beach house in North Carolina….house full of bright, promising college students with their whole future in front of them…bright futures from the look of it. Young people of means, attractive, sorority and fraternity kids, some of whose parents have houses at the beach. And then this happens. Lives lost, hearts broken. It sadly reminds me of the recent house fire on the Eastern shore, where several college students lost their lives in a eerily similar tragedy…two from one family alone. I cannot comprehend their loss. No one can.
But here is what no has mentioned….the distinct possibility of alcohol being involved when something awful like this happens.
Now let’s get this straight. I don’t know any of these people, and I have no idea what happened with these fires. But I have a son who’s been through college and one daughter in college. And I know very well what many kids do when they go to resort houses, or anywhere for the weekend when they’re alone. They party. And many of them drink, sometimes a lot.
Back in the day, kids would have never been allowed to use a house without parental supervision. Never. Because parents feared that kids would get into trouble and do things they don’t want them to do. And the truth is, that’s exactly what they often do.
They drink, they smoke, they go to bed with stoves and grills unattended, with candles burning, they do all kinds of things that a parent there, might find and avert a potential tragedy.

We give our youngsters a lot of freedom these days…and I’ve been as guilty as the next person. We treat them like adults when really, they are not, not quite yet. We allow them privileges that we as kids, would not have had, because we’re modern parents, right? We want our kids to like us…something my parents never worried about. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with our kids liking us, as long as we remember that on occasion, we also have to make the unpopular decision. Too much responsibility conferred too early, can lead to tragedy.


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