What would you take?

I got up early this morning to see what was going on in Southern California…turned on MSNBC and got a Cup of Joe…evidently a program where Joe Scarborough and a pretty lady with long legs show you the front of newspapers. Hmmmm, if that’s what I wanted, I’d just go read the newspaper….on to CNN…Bingo…they’re live in CA.
But the whole horrible Armageddon scene makes you think about what you’d take with you, given a very short, frenzied time to get the hell out of your house before it burns down.
I heard one evacuee say, “All I had time to do was get my daughter and wife, and get out. We really didn’t have time to think about it.”

What would I grab? I guess as many family pictures as I could quickly get my hands on, and they aren’t together in nice neat books, like my sister has. My kitties, if I could get them. Cats aren’t like dogs in that regard, if they’re scared, they hide…not good in this situation. My Mom’s silver? Maybe….I do treasure it, and I know where it is. Honestly, I’m not sure what else I’d take. The truth is most of it could be replaced in some fashion….it’s just stuff, after all, the detritus of life that we sweep along with us.
Watching the dramatic pictures of the flames is almost mesmerizing…I heard one reporter say last night how pretty they are…and while it sounds awful I know what he meant.

I remember some years ago a work trip to California, staying in a hotel, down the coast from Malibu, sitting alone in my hotel room I could see down the coastline a blazing fire in the hills. Far enough away not to be alarming, and it was beautiful. But you know that terrible beauty may be the destruction of someones life memories and belongings…not so beautiful.
Let’s just hope the weather plays ball with the firefighters today, before more lives are destroyed.


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