Getting the Wrinkles Out…..Ironing maniacs…

OK, someone I work with (and have no fear you shall remain nameless, my little ironing maniac) just came up to me and said, “Oh my goodness, I’m so glad there’s someone out there who irons their sheets. Only this particular (and clearly she IS particular) person, irons the entire sheet set, including the bottom sheet. Wow, that makes me feel like a slacker.
And this woman also used to iron her underwear, though she’s given that up, but she will still iron say, a slip if she has to wear one.
Famous people love to have their sheets ironed….I remember on Oprah one day, the actual subject was how to avoid dust mites and the like, and this doctor explained the importance of changing your sheets, say, once a week. Oprah said, “Oh, I like mine changed every two days…”
The doctor gently replied, “Well, Oprah, that isn’t really practical for everyone.”
I think this embarrassed her a little, and it’s true, if you don’t have someone to change your sheets for you all the time, you won’t do it quite that often.
I remember reading about Jackie Kennedy Onassis….while married to Aristotle Onassis, and thus had LOADS of help, her sheets were changed twice a day believe it or not. Freshly ironed sheets were put on after her daily nap, and after she arose in the morning.
That must have been one busy laundry on board the Onassis yacht, The Christina. And I can only imagine what the laundresses had to say about Mrs. O behind her back, as they changed the sheets…..yet again.
I have a book at home called Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson…..I actually bought it as a wedding gift years ago, but never gave it away. She has this to say about ironing sheets….
Untreated all-cotton and linen woven sheets wrinkle considerably. Traditionally, therefore, they were always ironed. Sleeping on fresh, ironed sheets is one of life’s treats, but ironed sheets are not necessary to health or comfort. If you are hard-pressed for time or have better things to do, feel free to laugh loudly at the thought. Certainly giving your guest ironed sheets is gracious. Giving them to yourself for special nights, or anytime you particularly need rest or simply feel like making your room look especially good, is pleasant too.”


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