The Trouble with Figs

The trouble with figs is….I can’t grow them. OK, not can’t, exactly…more like haven’t tried. I’ve always wanted a fig tree, ’cause I love figs, and if you’ve ever seen them in the supermarket, you know they’re like little pieces of gold…probably because they are somewhat delicate and hard to transport.
This summer I’ve been inspired by two people I have met on story shoots who have figs trees.Recognizing the paddle shaped leaves immediately, I always try too get as much information about growing them as possible. What I get is usually, “Oh they’re really easy to grow.”
But figs don’t grow well in colder climates, do they?….According to a Fig Interest Group website I found, you can “overwinter figs”. here’s what they suggest….a fighouse!
He built a winter fighouse by setting pressure-treated posts in the ground around his tree. As winter approaches he attaches plywood to the posts to form walls and a roof. Additional protection is given by several 55-gallon drums stationed in the fighouse and filled with water. The water in the drums stores an enormous amount of heat energy that is released as temperatures fall below freezing.”

Sure. Someone gave me the cutting from a fig tree you see in the picture, and I’m waiting for it grow just a bit of a root system before I pot it. I;m sorry to say it doesn’t as nearly as healthy right now as in this picture. It’s down to one leaf, which is yellowing, and I fear I’m killing the cutting. Maybe I should pot it now before it’s down to a stick?

Postscript: Lost the last leaf this morning, and the water in the bottle was a stinky mess..through the whole thing out. No fig tree for me this year.


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