Through the Red Door….

Guess what this week is? No, guess again….the answer, Spa Week!
I’m not sure a lot of people know that, but I got an email about it from Spa Week National some time ago. Basically, it means that spas that choose to join in(only about 4 in our area), offer treatments for $50. Things like facials and massages that cost a lot more. So I was more than happy to support the movement by traipsing through the Red Door.
The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at Cross Keys is the closest participating spa to me, so after work yesterday, I booked it, straight to an appointment for a shea butter body melt. Honestly, I had no idea what it was, but figured it couldn’t be anything but relaxing.

First, you’re ushered into a luxe changing room, where you’re given a locker, a robe and slippers. After you change, you are taken into the “relaxation room”….a dimly lit(so dim I couldn’t read the magazines there), with sofas and pillows and throws. There you await the arrival of your technician.
Soon I heard a soft “Donna?”, and Darlene took me back to what looked like a massage room..only there was a plastic sheet on it. Hmmmmm.
Darlene told me to slip under both towels on the table, but on top of the plastic, and she’d be back shortly.Full of faith in Darlene, I do as she tells me.
OK, the body melt was fab. First, the bed is heated…as I’ve had some back issues this week, that was truly welcome….Arms and legs are exfoliated(think, scrubbed briskly), then same arms and legs are rubbed with warm shea butter, then you wrapped in the plastic sheet, kind of like turkey baking in a bag, covered with towels, and you just…melt. Darlene gives an acupressure neck massage while you’re melting.
Did I enjoy it? Ohmigoodness yes. Wish I could have one everyday.


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