These shoes are for kids??

I was shopping with my daughter a week or so ago, and we saw something in Nordstrom’s(though I’m sure it’s everywhere)that really surprised us both. Grownup shoes for little girls. I don’t mean stilettos, or something that insane, but heels, none the less.
What gives?
Perhaps it just follows that since little girls can buy low slung jeans and crop tops, and look like baby teens, shoes would be next in line.

It must be part of the crazy process to turn our baby girls into women as fast as we can…why let them waste time in childhood, when they could be exposed to all the rigors and problems that come with adulthood? So, let them shave their legs at 7, and let them teeter around on heels at the same time! Bye-bye childhood.
Enough already!

OK, that said, they also had some gorgeous shoes for those of us who are certifiably adults(more than certifiably, more like undeniably)…I bought a pair like these spectators a couple of weeks ago, only grey and black… I just can’t get past the white after Labor Day thing, at least on shoes. My Mother’s teachings are deeply embedded.

And while I didn’t buy these evening shoes…aren’t they pretty? So very, very pretty, but I don’t wear evening shoes often(who does?), so they always seem like the last thing I need. Step away from the shoes department…step away.


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